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Aquaphor Modern Carbon Block Tap Attachable Water Filter
Elegant counter-top multi-level water purifier will shine in every kitchen
Can be attached to most taps
Easily adjustable stainless steel filtered water spout
Includes one set of replacement cartridges
Contains ©Aqualen and Silver Ions, ISO 9001:2008 TUV Nord Certified


This tap water filter has the greatest resource and performance. Through a combination of fibrous and granular adsorbents, Aquaphor Modern deeply purifies the water. It can also be equipped with softening filter modules.
Filters do not only arrest and retain particles of contaminants, but also effectively fight pathogenic bacteria without affecting the useful substances in the water being filtered.
Cartridges are easily replaceable once a year. Indicator is built in.


Size: 27,3 x 11,7 cm
Filter life: 4000 L (up to one year)
Filtration rate: 1.0-1.2 L/min


Chlorine: 100%
Petrochemicals: 98%
Phenol: 99%
Pesticides: 95%
Heavy metals (Lead, Cadmium): 98%

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